Flick Disposable Camera

In partnership with FILMOTICON SPACELAB (@filmoticon_spacelab), we have added the service to arrange for the collection of your FLICK from the comfort of your own home or office within the UAE to be developed by our trusted lab.

Once the payment above is made, a representative from SHIPA will contact you to arrange for collection of the camera. (Next day if the order is made before 3pm Fri-Wed).

Please ensure that your email address is written clearly on the body of the camera in order for us to send you the scans directly to your email. If you would like the negatives or prints, please reach out to the lab directly.

Please note that the service above is solely for the development of FLICK cameras, any other cameras or film will not be accepted. If you would like to send any other film or disposable cameras, please feel free to reach out the the lab directly as they can facilitate that for you.

PRIVACY DISCLAIMER: All photos will be deleted from the lab’s computer after WeTransfer link is shared, Negatives will be disposed of after 30 days

Availability: 1066 in stock